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Cahokia: An Ancient Civilization in the United States

Cahokia: An Ancient Civilization in the United States

Roger Kennedy describes the Ancient Civilization of Cahokia. Cahokia is near St. Louis in the center of the United States. This ancient Native American ...

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Illinois Adventure #1308 \

The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. Within the 2200-acre ...

Ancient Faith and the Fall of Cahokia

Most ancient peoples, from Asia to the Americas, would not have known how to answer the question, “What do you believe in?” Religion was about life itself, ...

Cahokia--Mound Builders

This video describes the culture of the Native American Mound Builders.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Introductory video for the Cahokia Mounds State Historic and World Heritage Site. The site preserves the largest prehistoric Native American city north of Mexico ...

Lessons from Cahokia | Chris Otto | TEDxJeffersonCollege

The American Indian has long been a fictional creation designed to serve the purposes of the majority culture. This presentation looks at the most recent ...

Megafloods Spurred Collapse of Ancient North American City Cahokia

New research in the heart of one of North America's most influential prehistoric cultures suggests that its demise may have been brought about, at least in part, ...

Cahokia: City of the Sun | AD 750-1300 (500 Nations: The Story of Native Americans)

Cahokia was first occupied in ad 700 and flourished for approximately four centuries (c. 950–1350). It reached a peak population of as many as 20000 ...

Cahokia: City of the sun

City of the Sun was produced by Donna Lawrence Productions, Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky, won a Gold Medal Award at the 33rd Annual International Film and ...

Cahokia - Mound Builders - Echoes Of The Past

The Cahokia mound builders. 10 minute excerpt from 500 Nations documentary about the lives of Native Americans in the style of middle eastern band tribes.

Sisters Visits The Pyramids Cahokia Mounds In Illinois

The state of Illinois has pyramids there before the Europeans came to America. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lfdeale/6035515460/ ...

Cahokia (Native History)


Flintknapping - Cahokia Point Part 1

Shows how to make a small Cahokia Arrowhead. A flake is first removerd from a biface using percussion, then the flake is pressure flaked into a small ...

Ancient Realms - Cahokia Mounds (February 2018)

February 2018 episode of Ancient Realms and the second part of the Pyramid Chronicles. Cover art: https://cahokiamounds.org/ Read the story here: ...

CAHOKIA - City of the Sun - Native Americans are Israelites


Mound 72 at Cahokia

Researchers from the Illinois State Archaeological Survey uncover newly discovered info about Mound 72 at Cahokia. Using new technology and research ...

Cahokia Mounds Highlights

A two-minute video around the grounds of Cahokia Mounds.


We need your support to help us here in Cahokia IL with the Curruption and the bullying going on Our Rights have been taking away.

Cahokia & Mound Builders from 500 Nations


Cahokia Americas Lost City Documentary HD

Thanks for watching video.

Cahokia Mound Builders 500 Nations Middle Native American Tribes


Encuentran 200 pirámides bajo Estados Unidos - Las pirámides de Cahokia

Las pirámides de Cahokia son todo un misterio. En primer lugar, las encontraríamos en Estados Unidos y formarían parte de un enorme complejo creado por ...

Stuff You Missed in History Class - Cahokia


People of the Morning Star & Cahokia

Bestselling authors and archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear begin the stunning saga of the North American equivalent of ancient Rome in the book, ...

KETC | Living St. Louis | Cahokia Archeologists

From KETC, Living St. Louis Producer Jim Kirchherr travels to Cahokia Mounds in Illinois where budding archeologists are digging to find artifacts from the ...

Cahokia, sitio arqueológico de la cultura Mississippiana


Burnett Jr. High - Concert 1 Band - Cahokia

Amelia (first chair flute) in the Burnett Concert 1 Band playing \

2018 Cahokia High School Graduation

Cahokia Senior High School Class of 2018 Commencement Program.

Cahokia Mound Artifacts

My visit to cahokia mounds interpretive center. I hadn't been there since childhood and was so excited I snapped a ton of pictures. Thought I would put them to ...

Cahokia ~ Ancient Sun City

By request. Cahokia, the City of the Sun. A good look, a few thoughts and some clips including an edited 3 min. walk up the great earthen pyramid, “Monk's ...

My Sacred Experience Cahokia Mounds STL/IL A'Ho (Snippets)

CahokiaMounds MonksMound where the Temple was #Spiritual Center. #Woodhenge #Sacred Solar Calendar. Me & My Princess \


A video essay by students in Robert Olwell's US History course at UT Austin.

Goody scores 46 vs Cahokia


Time Portal at Cahokia Mounds

https://www.distanceenergywork.com/ Cahokia Mounds is the site of the largest Native American structure north of Mexico. 80 mounds of various sizes have ...

Visiting Cahokia Mounds

We took the family to Cahokia Mounds in Illinois! Come and see this amazing archaeological site \

186 - 1/3 Making A Flint Ridge Cahokia Arrowhead Using Abo Tools

A second video working with heat treated Flint Ridge flint. This is the fourth try as I broke the first three arrowheads (earlier today) trying to get a handle on using ...

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